Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It’s a Jewish Thing

Israel is currently fighting for the security of its citizens and soldiers on its sovereign soil. This war will hopefully establish once and for all that we will not compromise with objections to our right to exist as a nation. This country was founded on the basis of a very simple ideology that can basically be equated to – Jews in the Diaspora are persecuted thus Jews need a homeland to ensure their safety. It is not difficult to understand why, after 2000 years of wandering in search of a safe haven, our forefathers finally realized that we are also entitled to a piece of earth. The idea to return to an historical homeland and plant roots is a vision that no other peoples could relate to. A French person would never doubt that France will still exist in 50 years to supply his pension. France has always existed (in one form or another) and always will exist. Israel was a meager dream in the hearts and prayers of Jews throughout history and as we approach the state’s 60th birthday shadows of doubt still linger in the minds of some regarding its future and, worse yet, its legitimacy.
Israel is unique that it is the only nation that grew out of an idea; it serves as a home also to those who do not live there. We have finally carved out a small corner of this globe where we are not aliens but our corner is under attack. Not only is Israel surrounded by those who publicly call for our destruction but the international community also libels our battle to guard our land.

Our future is not certain and the current conflict is only one among the many battles the Jewish people have waged and will wage in the future, to ensure our right to exist.
Beyond the obvious perils to Israelis at the hands of terrorists within our own borders it is clear that Jews will never fully be safe anywhere. A Jew is murdered by an angry Muslim in Seattle, Racism is gradually inflating across Europe and even Mel Gibson has waged a holy war against us. Being a Jew is not always easy; a Jew carries the burden of history on his shoulder. Being an Israeli is a double edged sword, no matter how assimilated he will always have to contend the right for his home and there is no place for us to run now but home – to Jerusalem. We are not apologetics; we realize that our reality is a labyrinth laden with uncertainty. We are prepared to forge our way through this maze until it is safe for every Jew to rest his head in peace.

by M. Hermon


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